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jabukovac to plovdiv

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Jabukovac to Plovdiv: On the road again

It was so hard to leave Jabukovac; mainly because we’d gained some good friends and been treated with so much kindness, but also partly because there was a really steep hill that we had to cycle up to get out of the village. I don’t know if it was because our legs were in shock … Continue reading »


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belgrade to jabukovac

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budapest to belgrade

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Jabukovac: Redefining hospitality and generosity

The reason we decided to stick to the Danube from Belgrade, as opposed to cutting across Serbia to Niš is because we had kindly been invited to stay with Sanja and Bobi in the village of Jabukovac. Thanks must go to Matt, my boss from when I was living in the real world for helping … Continue reading »

Belgrade to Jabukovac: Off the beaten track

Having visited Belgrade on a prior trip around the Balkans, it was decided that we would catch up on some much needed rest this time round and research our upcoming route. The exception to this was visiting the Nikola Tesla museum, which had been previously closed. Belgrade is a great city for the arts, history, … Continue reading »

Budapest to Belgrade: Warm showers and warmer smiles

I write this sitting on a terrace overlooking the Danube, just 20km from the Romanian border. The sun is shining; our life on the road is good. Unfortunately in the last couple of weeks this has not always been the case. The morning we were leaving Budapest, we woke up to a shock reminder that … Continue reading »

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