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winter cycling

This page is intended to highlight some of our lessons learned whilst cycling across Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia in the winter of 2014 / 2015. If you want to get more detailed information about cycling in the extreme cold we would suggest you start by visiting Shane Cycles and Helen Lloyd; both experts … Continue reading »

beyneu to nukus

This page is intended to give some facts, figures, and useful resources for cycling from Beyneu to Nukus. We cycled this stretch in mid-January 2015 and due to the winter cold it was important (for us) to find shelter (not our tent) every night. There is not a lot out there in terms of shelter … Continue reading »

Nukus to Samarkand: The not so golden road

Sweet to ride forth at evening from the wells, When shadows pass gigantic on the sand, And softly through the silence beat the bells Along the Golden Road to Samarkand. We travel not for trafficking alone; By hotter winds our fiery hearts are fanned: For lust of knowing what should not be known We take … Continue reading »

Beyneu to Nukus: Desert days

Having traversed almost the entire width of Kazakhstan twice by train it was a relief to finally arrive in Beyneu, the starting point for continuing our journey towards New Zealand. What was more of a relief than arriving was the fact that we had timed it so that we only needed to stay one night… … Continue reading »

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