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nong khai to don det

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Nong Khai to Cambodian border: Meandering with the Mekong

We had become accustomed to cycling with our heads down, avoiding eye contact with adults due to the number of times our smiles were met with blank stares in Laos. When we hit Thailand everything changed. Each time we glanced around us there were friendly faces full of smiles. It couldn’t help but lift our … Continue reading »

northern laos

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Laos: The so called promised lands

Arriving in Laos meant finally arriving in Southeast Asia. For months we had dreamed of the day we would cross the Chinese frontier and enter the promised lands of Laos. When our bikes broke in Kazakhstan, when we were battling the ferocious head winds and immense cold in the Uzbek desert, and when we were … Continue reading »

camping locations se asia

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