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Lanzhou to Chengdu: Up, down, up, down, up, …

With the first half of our China Challenge completed relatively quickly we had grand plans of relaxing for the best part of a week in Lanzhou, stocking up on some much needed calories and sleep, picking up our visas and heading off south-bound with another 30 days to explore this enormous country. It didn’t quite … Continue reading »

Jiayuguan to Lanzhou: Entering the Middle Kingdom

A day off in Jiayuguan was very welcome for both of us. On our ride the previous day we had endured multiple sets of road works, three punctures caused by tiny pieces of metal from truck tire blowouts, gale force winds and the expressway becoming increasingly busy with huge trucks that thundered by incessantly. We … Continue reading »

lanzhou to laos: the china challenge – part two

We used a number of resources from crazyguyonabike.com to plan this section of our journey, essentially breaking it down into three stages: 1. Lanzhou to Chengdu – 1,140.7km in 9 days; 2. Chengdu to Jinning (just south of Kunming) – 1,012.3km in 9 days; 3. Jinning to Laos border – 728.9km in 8 days. Lanzhou … Continue reading »

khorgas to lanzhou: the china challenge – part one

Our journey from the moment we pushed our bicycles out of the Kazakhstan border post to the moment we reached our hotel in Lanzhou took us on a 2,560.9km adventure. This page outlines how we went about it, where we cycled, where we stayed and any other observations we think are important for crossing this … Continue reading »

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