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caspian sea crossing

For some unknown reason we were unable to find concrete information about how to go about getting the all important ticket to cross the Caspian from Baku. This page highlights how we went about it, where to find the locations that we mention, and some photos to help you along the way. 1. Staying at … Continue reading »

Bishkek to China: The end of Central Asia

Leaving Bishkek was much harder than we had expected, not because the cycling was difficult (in fact the cycling was quite pleasant for a city), but because we had made such good friends in our time there. It is one of the rubbish things about travelling, the saying goodbye with the very real possibility that … Continue reading »

return to kazakhstan

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Samarkand to Bishkek: Never a dull moment cycle touring

The weeks leading up to Samarkand had been spent crossing vast swathes of emptiness, battling ferocious head winds, and dealing with the challenge of cycling in really cold temperatures. This of course was interrupted with the immense pleasure of visiting some truly remarkable Great Game cities. Leaving Samarkand felt like the end of our Great … Continue reading »


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beyneu to nukus

This page is intended to give some facts, figures, and useful resources for cycling from Beyneu to Nukus. We cycled this stretch in mid-January 2015 and due to the winter cold it was important (for us) to find shelter (not our tent) every night. There is not a lot out there in terms of shelter … Continue reading »

Beyneu to Nukus: Desert days

Having traversed almost the entire width of Kazakhstan twice by train it was a relief to finally arrive in Beyneu, the starting point for continuing our journey towards New Zealand. What was more of a relief than arriving was the fact that we had timed it so that we only needed to stay one night… … Continue reading »

Aktau to Beyneu (via Almaty): A 6,000km detour

The only thing worse than travelling without a bicycle, is travelling with a bicycle that cannot be ridden. This is what we were thinking as we tied down our bikes to the roof of a taxi and piled all our belongings inside. What had been an efficient way of carrying everything we needed to be … Continue reading »

Aktau to Aktau: Just one of those days!

Arriving in Aktau having crossed the Caspian Sea on the Barda was incredibly exciting as it has been a major point on the horizon for so long; it meant the beginning of Central Asia, it meant the first of the really hard stretches of cycling, and it also meant that we no longer had to … Continue reading »

The Caspian Sea: A voyage on board the Barda

As soon as we discovered that continuing overland via Iran was no longer an option for us visa-wise, we quickly concluded that a container ship across the Caspian Sea was our only choice if we didn’t want to take a flight (which we didn’t). Russia to the north would be too cold at this time … Continue reading »

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