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budapest to belgrade

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Budapest to Belgrade: Warm showers and warmer smiles

I write this sitting on a terrace overlooking the Danube, just 20km from the Romanian border. The sun is shining; our life on the road is good. Unfortunately in the last couple of weeks this has not always been the case. The morning we were leaving Budapest, we woke up to a shock reminder that … Continue reading »

Vienna to Budapest: The peloton leader has his say

Dear Readers of the Pedalling Prescotts’ blog You may be slightly perplexed by the arrival of the peloton in the latest blog. This shadowy group is largely unexplained by our otherwise excellent correspondents. One thing we, the peloton, have learned on our week long sojourn with the correspondents is that the blog is a fairly … Continue reading »

vienna to budapest

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Vienna to Budapest: Joined by the peloton

The story of Vienna to Budapest actually started many days before reaching Vienna; it started less than two hours after leaving Salzburg. There we were enjoying the stunning vista of The Alps with the wide-open expanses of alpine meadows dotted with villages through the lenses of our cameras when something peculiar happened; my bike just … Continue reading »

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