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georgian christmas

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Azerbaijan: Certainly not long enough!

There was one overwhelming emotion when arriving in Azerbaijan and that was relief; relief that we had somehow managed to survive the Georgian roads. I cannot overstate how bad their driving is, it is almost like they are missing something in their genetic makeup that allows them to think logically and sensibly when on the … Continue reading »

Gori to Signaghi: A Georgian Christmas

Our final cycle day into Tbilisi got off to an inauspicious start when we witnessed our first fatal accident of the trip. A dog was hit by one of the many marshrutkas that veer crazily across the roads; their drivers usually busy smoking, talking on the mobile, beeping their horns, doing anything but concentrating on … Continue reading »

Georgian Beginnings: Sun, Snow, Wind, and Stalin

A date specific visa for Uzbekistan, the perceived high cost of living in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, and the fact we want to spend Christmas in Georgia’s famous Kakheti wine region has meant we have slowed our progress to virtually a crawl. At first the thought of spending a month in Georgia was a daunting one; … Continue reading »

georgian beginnings

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Georgia: Not Iran

We never planned to come this way. Our route from Turkey was always going to be to Iran; a country that has inspired wanderlust in both of us for years. But since a few months ago, visas for Iran are not available to independently travelling Brits (along with Canadians and Americans). We pleaded with numerous … Continue reading »

Ordu to Georgian Frontier: Turkey, we will miss you!

Who would have thought that walking into a classroom of 10 years olds could give you sweaty palms, tunnel vision, and make your mind go blank. They say animals can smell fear, but after walking into a classroom in Beşikdüzü I can confirm that 10 years olds can also smell fear! More of that later… … Continue reading »

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