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Jiayuguan to Lanzhou: Entering the Middle Kingdom

A day off in Jiayuguan was very welcome for both of us. On our ride the previous day we had endured multiple sets of road works, three punctures caused by tiny pieces of metal from truck tire blowouts, gale force winds and the expressway becoming increasingly busy with huge trucks that thundered by incessantly. We … Continue reading »

khorgas to lanzhou: the china challenge – part one

Our journey from the moment we pushed our bicycles out of the Kazakhstan border post to the moment we reached our hotel in Lanzhou took us on a 2,560.9km adventure. This page outlines how we went about it, where we cycled, where we stayed and any other observations we think are important for crossing this … Continue reading »

Urumqi to Jiayuguan: Eat, sleep, cycle

On the fourth morning in Urumqi we nervously peered out of our hostel window in the hope that the weather forecast had been correct and the snow had abated. It had! There was absolutely no time to linger; we had roughly 1,250km to get through to reach Jiayuguan (the edge of the historical Middle Kingdom … Continue reading »

Chinese border to Urumqi: Flying to a halt

Pedalling out of the border area into China felt like entering a different world. On the Kazakh side there was a small dusty village and a dirt road. On the Chinese side there were modern high rises and a six-lane motorway through the centre of town (complete with cycle lane). Not far out of town … Continue reading »

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