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Bishkek to China: The end of Central Asia

Leaving Bishkek was much harder than we had expected, not because the cycling was difficult (in fact the cycling was quite pleasant for a city), but because we had made such good friends in our time there. It is one of the rubbish things about travelling, the saying goodbye with the very real possibility that … Continue reading »

Bishkek to Hong Kong (and back again): The great Chinese visa hunt

We arrived in Bishkek with one goal in mind; Chinese visas in our passports. There were never any doubts in our mind that we would achieve this – Bishkek is noted on caravanistan.com (a font of all knowledge about Central Asia) as being the easiest place to get Chinese visas in the region. Little did … Continue reading »

Samarkand to Bishkek: Never a dull moment cycle touring

The weeks leading up to Samarkand had been spent crossing vast swathes of emptiness, battling ferocious head winds, and dealing with the challenge of cycling in really cold temperatures. This of course was interrupted with the immense pleasure of visiting some truly remarkable Great Game cities. Leaving Samarkand felt like the end of our Great … Continue reading »

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