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caspian sea crossing

For some unknown reason we were unable to find concrete information about how to go about getting the all important ticket to cross the Caspian from Baku. This page highlights how we went about it, where to find the locations that we mention, and some photos to help you along the way. 1. Staying at … Continue reading »

The Caspian Sea: A voyage on board the Barda

As soon as we discovered that continuing overland via Iran was no longer an option for us visa-wise, we quickly concluded that a container ship across the Caspian Sea was our only choice if we didn’t want to take a flight (which we didn’t). Russia to the north would be too cold at this time … Continue reading »

Azerbaijan: Certainly not long enough!

There was one overwhelming emotion when arriving in Azerbaijan and that was relief; relief that we had somehow managed to survive the Georgian roads. I cannot overstate how bad their driving is, it is almost like they are missing something in their genetic makeup that allows them to think logically and sensibly when on the … Continue reading »

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