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The Caspian Sea: A voyage on board the Barda

As soon as we discovered that continuing overland via Iran was no longer an option for us visa-wise, we quickly concluded that a container ship across the Caspian Sea was our only choice if we didn’t want to take a flight (which we didn’t). Russia to the north would be too cold at this time … Continue reading »

Azerbaijan: Certainly not long enough!

There was one overwhelming emotion when arriving in Azerbaijan and that was relief; relief that we had somehow managed to survive the Georgian roads. I cannot overstate how bad their driving is, it is almost like they are missing something in their genetic makeup that allows them to think logically and sensibly when on the … Continue reading »

Georgia: Not Iran

We never planned to come this way. Our route from Turkey was always going to be to Iran; a country that has inspired wanderlust in both of us for years. But since a few months ago, visas for Iran are not available to independently travelling Brits (along with Canadians and Americans). We pleaded with numerous … Continue reading »

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