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Aktau to Aktau: Just one of those days!

Arriving in Aktau having crossed the Caspian Sea on the Barda was incredibly exciting as it has been a major point on the horizon for so long; it meant the beginning of Central Asia, it meant the first of the really hard stretches of cycling, and it also meant that we no longer had to … Continue reading »

Azerbaijan: Certainly not long enough!

There was one overwhelming emotion when arriving in Azerbaijan and that was relief; relief that we had somehow managed to survive the Georgian roads. I cannot overstate how bad their driving is, it is almost like they are missing something in their genetic makeup that allows them to think logically and sensibly when on the … Continue reading »

Georgian Beginnings: Sun, Snow, Wind, and Stalin

A date specific visa for Uzbekistan, the perceived high cost of living in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, and the fact we want to spend Christmas in Georgia’s famous Kakheti wine region has meant we have slowed our progress to virtually a crawl. At first the thought of spending a month in Georgia was a daunting one; … Continue reading »

Ordu to Georgian Frontier: Turkey, we will miss you!

Who would have thought that walking into a classroom of 10 years olds could give you sweaty palms, tunnel vision, and make your mind go blank. They say animals can smell fear, but after walking into a classroom in Beşikdüzü I can confirm that 10 years olds can also smell fear! More of that later… … Continue reading »

Istanbul to Safranbolu: Challenging weather, incredible hospitality

Whenever I went “on holiday” from cycling to work in London (usually coinciding with the November rugby internationals or the January freeze) it was always difficult to get back into the rhythm. Not because the cycling is tough, but it is mentally draining; negotiating the thick, angry traffic is something you need to practice daily … Continue reading »

Plovdiv to Istanbul: One down, two to go

Istanbul is one of the great cities of the world, and the first major milestone of our journey to New Zealand. On leaving Plovdiv we had given ourselves five days of fairly short distances to get there. With one eye on getting to the Turkish border, and both eyes on getting to Istanbul, the first … Continue reading »

Jabukovac: Redefining hospitality and generosity

The reason we decided to stick to the Danube from Belgrade, as opposed to cutting across Serbia to Niš is because we had kindly been invited to stay with Sanja and Bobi in the village of Jabukovac. Thanks must go to Matt, my boss from when I was living in the real world for helping … Continue reading »

Belgrade to Jabukovac: Off the beaten track

Having visited Belgrade on a prior trip around the Balkans, it was decided that we would catch up on some much needed rest this time round and research our upcoming route. The exception to this was visiting the Nikola Tesla museum, which had been previously closed. Belgrade is a great city for the arts, history, … Continue reading »

Vienna to Budapest: Joined by the peloton

The story of Vienna to Budapest actually started many days before reaching Vienna; it started less than two hours after leaving Salzburg. There we were enjoying the stunning vista of The Alps with the wide-open expanses of alpine meadows dotted with villages through the lenses of our cameras when something peculiar happened; my bike just … Continue reading »

Rhine-ing to Munich

We thoroughly enjoyed our day of rest in Cologne, and it was with some trepidation that we signed up to an 8-day Rhine traverse (out of necessity) towards Munich. Originally this part of the journey was going to take 12 days, but when revisiting our itinerary we realised that we would never make it to … Continue reading »

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