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Ceduna to Adelaide: In from the back of beyond!

Aside from a couple of incredibly hot days in SE Asia, crossing the Nullarbor had been the biggest single challenge we had had since exiting China at the end of May. The eight-and-a-half day push had really taken it out of us, and as such we decided to prolong our stay in Ceduna. The decision … Continue reading »

Perth to Esperance: Crikey it’s cold!

I don’t think it would be a stretch to suggest that one of the lowest points of the journey across Asia was the time we spent cleaning our bikes in Singapore. The heat was almost unbearable, and we had been told by every Australian that we had ever met that, “Australia is the hardest country … Continue reading »

Khao Sok to George Town: One year on the road!

Leaving our truly wonderful bungalow nestled amongst the verdant tropical rainforest of the Khao Sok National Park was incredibly difficult; it was one of those places where we wish we could have had more time. The room was a perfect temperature (very important to cyclists in the tropics), it was immaculately clean, there was no … Continue reading »

Cambodia: Indiana Jones, Yoga, Temples, Meditation, SPOILT!

After crossing through the most corrupt border of the journey to date it was with some scepticism that we pushed on down the long, desolate, dirt road and into Cambodia. We were immensely pleased that we had not paid the disgusting man on the Laos side of the border (given we were prepared to camp … Continue reading »

Laos: The so called promised lands

Arriving in Laos meant finally arriving in Southeast Asia. For months we had dreamed of the day we would cross the Chinese frontier and enter the promised lands of Laos. When our bikes broke in Kazakhstan, when we were battling the ferocious head winds and immense cold in the Uzbek desert, and when we were … Continue reading »

Lanzhou to Chengdu: Up, down, up, down, up, …

With the first half of our China Challenge completed relatively quickly we had grand plans of relaxing for the best part of a week in Lanzhou, stocking up on some much needed calories and sleep, picking up our visas and heading off south-bound with another 30 days to explore this enormous country. It didn’t quite … Continue reading »

Urumqi to Jiayuguan: Eat, sleep, cycle

On the fourth morning in Urumqi we nervously peered out of our hostel window in the hope that the weather forecast had been correct and the snow had abated. It had! There was absolutely no time to linger; we had roughly 1,250km to get through to reach Jiayuguan (the edge of the historical Middle Kingdom … Continue reading »

Bishkek to China: The end of Central Asia

Leaving Bishkek was much harder than we had expected, not because the cycling was difficult (in fact the cycling was quite pleasant for a city), but because we had made such good friends in our time there. It is one of the rubbish things about travelling, the saying goodbye with the very real possibility that … Continue reading »

Samarkand to Bishkek: Never a dull moment cycle touring

The weeks leading up to Samarkand had been spent crossing vast swathes of emptiness, battling ferocious head winds, and dealing with the challenge of cycling in really cold temperatures. This of course was interrupted with the immense pleasure of visiting some truly remarkable Great Game cities. Leaving Samarkand felt like the end of our Great … Continue reading »

Beyneu to Nukus: Desert days

Having traversed almost the entire width of Kazakhstan twice by train it was a relief to finally arrive in Beyneu, the starting point for continuing our journey towards New Zealand. What was more of a relief than arriving was the fact that we had timed it so that we only needed to stay one night… … Continue reading »

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