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Aktau to Beyneu (via Almaty): A 6,000km detour

The only thing worse than travelling without a bicycle, is travelling with a bicycle that cannot be ridden. This is what we were thinking as we tied down our bikes to the roof of a taxi and piled all our belongings inside. What had been an efficient way of carrying everything we needed to be … Continue reading »

The Caspian Sea: A voyage on board the Barda

As soon as we discovered that continuing overland via Iran was no longer an option for us visa-wise, we quickly concluded that a container ship across the Caspian Sea was our only choice if we didn’t want to take a flight (which we didn’t). Russia to the north would be too cold at this time … Continue reading »

Gori to Signaghi: A Georgian Christmas

Our final cycle day into Tbilisi got off to an inauspicious start when we witnessed our first fatal accident of the trip. A dog was hit by one of the many marshrutkas that veer crazily across the roads; their drivers usually busy smoking, talking on the mobile, beeping their horns, doing anything but concentrating on … Continue reading »

Georgia: Not Iran

We never planned to come this way. Our route from Turkey was always going to be to Iran; a country that has inspired wanderlust in both of us for years. But since a few months ago, visas for Iran are not available to independently travelling Brits (along with Canadians and Americans). We pleaded with numerous … Continue reading »

Safranbolu to Ordu: Mountains to the sea

I wake, as I have done most mornings in Turkey, to the eerie wail of the call to prayer echoing around the valley in the darkness. The initial call from a nearby mosque is soon joined by other, fainter voices carried on a gentle breeze from minarets in numerous tiny settlements hidden from view at … Continue reading »

Istanbul: Sensory overload

We spent two weeks in Istanbul, being tourists, relaxing, preparing our bikes for the next stage of our journey, obtaining visas and eating; we did a lot of eating. Rather than a blow-by-blow account of our time here, I thought I’d just mention some of our highlights and lowlights of our Istanbul experience. Highlights Our … Continue reading »

Jabukovac to Plovdiv: On the road again

It was so hard to leave Jabukovac; mainly because we’d gained some good friends and been treated with so much kindness, but also partly because there was a really steep hill that we had to cycle up to get out of the village. I don’t know if it was because our legs were in shock … Continue reading »

Budapest to Belgrade: Warm showers and warmer smiles

I write this sitting on a terrace overlooking the Danube, just 20km from the Romanian border. The sun is shining; our life on the road is good. Unfortunately in the last couple of weeks this has not always been the case. The morning we were leaving Budapest, we woke up to a shock reminder that … Continue reading »

Munich to Vienna: The hills are alive…

We set off from Munich a fair bit heavier than when we arrived due to the numerous steins and all manner of pork products we had consumed in our 4 days there. The culmination of this was on our final day in Munich when we headed out on the train to the Andechs monastery atop … Continue reading »

The land of the bicycle: Hook of Holland to Cologne

It already seems like an age ago that we were lined up full of anticipation and nervous energy at the Harwich ferry terminal. Riding onto and off of the ferry was incredibly exciting. There were a reasonable number of cyclists in our small peloton (possibly 10-15), and we were all sent off together to negotiate … Continue reading »

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